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Training Curriculum

Initial Flight Assessment

The Initial Flight Assessment (IFA) is a one hour flight evaluating a new pilot's skills operating an aircraft. The flight is flown in the Cessna 172 and provides a baseline for continued training. No pilot can be removed from the program due to IFA results, it merely informs our instructors what each pilot's strengths and weaknesses are!

Phase I - VFR Cross Country and Maneuvers

In Phase I pilots are introduced to basic maneuvers as well as cross country flying. Pilots in the fixed wing or VIP tracks will fly the T6 Texan II (or other available single engine turboprop) and rotary wing pilots will fly the TH-57C helicopter.

Phase II - Instrument Operations

The vUSCG operates in all different kinds of weather so pilots must be familiar with instrument flying procedures. For this phase of flight, fixed wing/VIP pilots move to the T-44 KingAir and rotary wing pilots remain in the TH-57C.

Phase III - Mission Status Training

Phase III introduces pilots to their chosen class of operations. Pilots will be able to select the specific aircraft type they would like to use and will then spend four hours learning and practicing how to operate the aircraft and what it's role is within the vUSCG. Upon completion of this phase, pilots will be fully fledged vUSCG members!