Welcome to the vUSCG

Where the Skies Meet the Sea

Chain of Command

As a military simulation, we operate with a chain of command. Each higher tier takes on more and more responsibility to the organization.

Air Staff

The top-ranking officials in the vUSCG are part of the Air Staff. These positions make the final executive decisions for the organization and are responsible for overseeing the entire organization. The current staffing is introduced below.

District Commanders

District Commanders are the leadership of individual districts. These positions are held by high-ranking pilots and are responsible for organizing events in their region as well as assisting in leadership of the vUSCG. Individual DCs may be in charge of multiple districts dependent on the current needs of the organization. Pilots should be acquainted with their DCs as they will be their primary contacts for all questions.

Instructor Pilots

Instructor Pilots (IPs) are experienced pilots at or above the rank of ‘vLtCommander’ - these pilots will be assigned individual recruits to mentor and guide through the training process.

Line Pilots

The lowest tier on the chain of command is that of the line pilot. These pilots’ sole written responsibility is to maintain currency and participate in vUSCG events.

Air Staff

Admiral Ryan Badger

Commandant, vUSCG

Vice Admiral Michael Lukus

Vice Commandant, vUSCG


Chief of Communications